jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2009

aliCes (the mixtape of my life)

aliCe you are not my baby
you get confused so easily
you are a superstar
your face is a brighter flash
i`m not the prince you think i am
you don't know me well
i am just a simply guy
dreaming all the time
my headphones are my (mind, eyes)
track by track i got a simple life
aliCe you are a shiny girl
you are a butterfly
so you can fly!
go to the dirty space disco
you can't take me there
i'll see your light
every night
for a moment
i can leave the darkness behind
but you look so far now
i'll design some music
so you can feel the resonance of my love
aliCe my love

viernes, 18 de septiembre de 2009

mewao (get loud)

in the air
we can do it loud
a bunch of sounds are rushing through my mind
we can do it so loud!!!
reproduce the universal sounds
like a supernova song
you just have to look in you
not so deep inside you
let's do it too racy
so scandalous
get tasty

x 1000...

i want you x1000
over me x1000
you got me x1000
over you x1000

i am the angel in your dreams (dreams about me).

i'm fed up
all my lovers are here again
over me
the pleasure over me
they loves me 2 seconds before coming in my mouth
we are sweating
the paradise is far away
copies of my first love every night
filling with secrets all night
always is different
after his simple seductions
i got what i want as i want it
is not enough...
you don't want to wake up but i'm not dreaming your dream
my paradise is far away from here
out of the bed
you said you love me
but (2 seconds before)
You said that you could kill for me
but (2 seconds before)...
you are coming x4
my lovers x4
i'm going x4
you are yearning x4