martes, 26 de enero de 2010

buzz at the street.

i am walking through the sreets
the stars are angels over me
taking care of me
this weekend
i'm looking better
i know they noticed
my mother pray all the nights
but i found light in your eyes
drawing dreams in the air
love is everywhere
you are never alone you still been very young
i just want to have some fun
feel the buzz
but if you don't have any friend
remember my face
blowing your neck
i will be there

shit, i think i am in love

it feels better than my lovers fighting
they want to paid my bills
better than a criminal fucking me
sweeter than a candy cotton
is like a drug
everything is slow
better than when i was 17
deeper than you inside me
i can describe it
Shining brighter than a pornstar
stronger than a super man
bigger than my heart
but out of time.


jovenes arrogantes
soplando besos como amantes
vagabundeando otra vez por culpa de su arrogancia
solían ser mas listos
antes de obtener tanta elegancía
siempreculpando a alguien mas por no ser tan espectacular
olvidaron su origen
olvidaron sus creencias
de cualquier manera
no tenian nada que sacrificar
nunca antes habian tenido algo en particular
¿tacaños? ¿codiciosos? ¿no lo merecen?
este mounstruoso mundo los decepciono los enloquecio
se arrastran seduciendo
confundiendonos a todos
sin temor
sin preguntar
sin torcer su gesto
una y otra vez
mintiendo frente a nuestros rostros
cada dia es igual al anterior
cada vez es mas simple.

lunes, 11 de enero de 2010

corrompiendo bugas

lo haces a tu manera
lo haces bien
tocas ahi...
lames alla...
me tomas aca...
el deseo te motivo
mi sonrisa te inspiro
sin comentarios te corrompi
con mis ojos enterrandose en tu mirada
te olvidaste de lo ordinario
no tenias opcion ante mi
no tengas miedo
no eres religioso
no podras ser condenado
el amor no tiene significado tampoco en mi
pero existe en ti
nadie mas puede ver
lo que tu puedes ver
no te conviertas en una victima
aprende a volar
a ir
adonde tu corazon quiera ir...

'cause is always about me

no quiero imaginar lo que escribirás mañana después de mi cancelación de ayer
mi mano quiere ser tomada
pero tu silencio ante mis confesiones ofende mi arrogancia,
mi ego
el extremo punto de vista que tengo de mi
he aprendido a hacer menos enmiendas para conseguir mas
sin embargo estoy seguro de que en esta noche fría
aprenderé a comprenderte
y tal vez tu también a mi
aunque eso tampoco es lo mas importante
tal vez aprendas a hacerme feliz
o a ser me nos ingenuo...

modern love

i am a fool
i lost my soul
in this whole world
now i am alone
this is so cruel
now i am lost
i have to stop
the rush of the world


it's a misty day
your chest is on my back
we are seeing the stars
afterglow still cold
but we are so hot
my arrogance never stop
i've got a coat
i've got a you
i've got the money
i've get it huge
you are the villain guy
but i am the criminal
don't trust in me
'cause i always win

the secret (secret)

the paradise wasn't enough for him
the world wasn't enough for him
i need a signal
Yan wake up... wake up!
remember you want it all
you can give up
we used to be together
you promise me a life
then i heard you falling
deeper and deeper
i can't sleep...
Yan the cocaine is not the way
your friends... my tears...
i can't do it alone
your heart is my heart
you can' do it alone
Yan wake up!!!


it's so cruel x5
heaven knows x5
i feel bad x5
null and void x5
without you x5


my father teachs me somethings about lovers
my mother give me some skills
my mother told me "they are liars"
now i can listen the voices in different armonies from the heaven
floating through the endless years
heaven knows
i am in love
i can feel the storm inside me
the blood in my nose and around me
call my name again
i want to go
next to you
next to you
'cause my mother taught me a song
about the love
about the rush
i want to live my life with you
spend the nights next to you
see your face and dry your tears
heart to heart
face to face

liquid dream

yesterday and the day before
i was dancing in your dreams
you shouldn't know me in that way
i'm not your friend
i'm in your dream
you can`t believe this is the true
somethings are floating inside your brain
stories and fantasies that you have never read
i'm not far away but you can`t believe
diving around in your liquid dreams
silly boy just come back to me
this is something that you have to live
just come and see
tasty and nasty
greedy and sticky
endless seas between your legs
tide comes rushing in
and i am caught up between

gimme deeper

show me that you love me with your lollipop
keep me in silence with the mouth full
so i can't talk
you don't want to hear my bla bla bla bla
i just want to break your heart
you don't want to hear my bla bla bla bla
you don't want to be here alone
fill me up up to the mouth's cradle
Unbutton the belt
don't try to deceive me
you are happy to see me
and i have the rythim
i have been waiting all the day
trying to make it right
trying to be the first
now i want it all
do you want to make a riot?
'cause i want to make it loud
i don't want to go home
'cause nothing is forever
like a fairytale
we will fade
i will fly
far away

the moon has gone

the moon has gone
the sun is high
dreams are dreams
and all of them are just for you
always sharing my smile
dreaming music around me
cosmics beats pumping higher
what you see is what you need

all these boy are closer than they appear
but you
you still far away over the moon
always on my dreams
you keep me in trance
always with the right answer but far away in silence

take me

he show me places that i have never seen before
they are happy
and everybody is laughing
and everybody is smiling
but i can't believe
what i am seeing
hearts are pumping
and everyone is closer to each other
i can't understand
what do i have to do?
i can't stop breathing so quickly
i hold my breathe
'cause he is going tomorrow
trying to make the night longer
why am i doesn't go with you?
i'm pretty
just choose me
i don't want to stop breathing
i want you
i'm perfect
just take me
i'm guilty
it's easy