viernes, 23 de octubre de 2009

the greatest lover

i was alone
i heard the music going over
and then you came into the club
the fancy lights and the flash lights were into my eyes
after all the phrases that i have never heard before
you got me in
you are making me crazy
when i feel empty
you filling me up
follow me
continue with my continuations
keep on moving
feel the beat
this is like
i'm spining around
in your arms
do you want to care of me?

i have to give it up

where is my family?
where are my lovers?
i'm diving in the air
i lost everything
where are my friends?
i am so naive
i can't wait for the end
dancing in the air
my mind is in the space
the real world is in the ground
now i'm so high
i'm losing my life
my cell phone is not ringing again
sleeping all the day
everyday is the same thing
burning inside of me
waiting a chance
i really need a life!

Childish games (8:00 a.m.)

after this pop electric night
after i've got what i didn't want
i'm sitting in a car heading
i'm waiting
nobody can't save me but you
my eyes are sober
i see all the choices that i have
the big one
the fancy
the angry
the nasty
the tasty
but Shit,
it don't stop til' early mornin'
i'm going under
falling deeper and deeper...
i've to give it up.

lunes, 5 de octubre de 2009

i always remember you

i remember you
with your eagle eyes
with your perfect sight
such a perfect smile
you got a super life
without me
you think i'm always wrong
i'm not blaming you
when you see my face
you think i'm not ok
this time i agree
i'm not ok
always is the same
i'm in love with you
i'm not blaming you

jueves, 1 de octubre de 2009

naive boy

there we were under rain
you want to touch my hand
some lovers loves me
some of them too much
but i knew it
there is no lover
the future lover
then nobody can believe
that i am always alone
is looking at me
want to touch my lips
wants to date me
wants to fuck me
i am a unusual guy
everybody wants me twice
at the end
in the middle of the bed
i don't want to be there
i just want to fly away.