viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2009

moon light

the lights came out
but you are not alone
you saw me under the moon light
under the purple light
you know
they are hunters
those guys are killers
i accept you
is not me
is something inside of me
they are just laughing
they want to fuck me
everybody is looking the same thing
... at the end
everybody is calling me but you
i wouldn't recognize you tomorrow...

you got me in

i love your body raising
'cause my body now is shaking
you can feel what you got
divin' in
divin' in
i know also the dj is watching me
watching me
i know those motherfuckers'
want a picture of my dick
after all these adulations
you know well
you got me

why i?

i don't know
if he
is she
if them
will love me someday
why i am asking myself?
why i am not like the others?
so simply
why am i crying?
my heels are burnning
i am their..... should i die?
i can live without their opinions
why should i care?
far away
where the wild things are i am
demon lovers playing soggy biscuits
blind ravens lickin' me
sirens screaming of pasion
lotions everywhere
i don't want to lie with the truth
because i am lying all the time!

silly boys

tonight the beat is going to slide through the crowd
spit your love words in another ass
mine is going to dance tonight
another guy will quoted me this night
i am so pretty
i am so crazy
i am the guilty
you are the silly
i'm perfect
this is not love
i never stop
slide in
you don't have another chance

viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2009

too racy, so greedy

is friday night
is party time
my outrageous life
these racy song
my junkie friend
the sexy guys
the naughty girls
the monster chicks
fancy boys
all night long
electric night
i'll be there
at the LIVING

viernes, 6 de noviembre de 2009

above the clouds

crying in my dreams
please come with me
you`re always on the streets
kissing girls
drinking champagne
won't you stay with me?
we can do things
put your hands on me
take me high
i want to fly
i want to be kissed in my dream
i built a fairytale without you once again
doesn't matter anyway
there's no place for you
take a look
i have a sun
techno songs
many moons
i'm not alone

yearning slowly

yearning the future
watching you far
feeling you closer
imagine me inside
do you want me now?
in your second life
where are you now?
you're traveling again
i can see the lights
i can feel the beat
is it the end?
and your kisses?
and your excess?
where is the sucess?
don't let me there
feel the future
feel me there...