jueves, 23 de julio de 2009


todos estos placeres son pecados
alimentas mis aventuras
dices hola
y ya se lo que quieres...
quiero decir,...
tu fusion lazer
el sabor de tus labios
surrender my mind
i need the next one
es frustrante
you look into my eyes
i'm going under
lo juro,
este sentimiento es siempre tan frustrante
i am always givin'
they are always takin'
show me that you want me forever
dime que no necesito a nadie mas
I am dreamin' away
el tiempo no importa
he estado perdido ya tanto ...
nada tiene sentido ya
how can i get it?
how can i trust it?
take them out
i don't need them again
you make me lose control
and now
i am yearnin'
you are not just a shadow...
tus ojos cafe y tu sonrisa...
how can i handle this?...
i am over the moon
i am feeling under
mekes me feel higher
the taste of you...
dejame sentirte una vez mas
dejame saborearte una vez mas
don't leave me now
don't let me go
i don't need the next one
i'm rambling
you're lying on me
makes me wonder
if you are really here
you are all i want
but not like this...
i am not in love
come over me
feeling your hand
is over my head
i'm burnin' inside
don't say you love me
just ...
fuck me.
is typically
that is just so typically me.

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